Housing Assistance Schemes



The General Public in need of a decent house.


Allocation: Based on needs and established by priority rating and recommendation from the Local District Authority. 


    • Applicant (s) must be a Seychelles citizen of at least 18 years of age.
    • Is a first time buyer, that is does not own any other parcel of land or house
    • Has not yet benefited from any previous assistance in terms of housing and land from the Government.  
    • In employment for at least 12 months *
    • Has been registered on the ‘Home Savings Scheme’ and is making regular contributions *
    • To be assisted before June 2015, the applicant should have been on the ‘Home Savings Scheme’ for at least of 12 months and after June 2015, the applicant will be required to be on the ‘Home Savings Scheme’ for at least 24 months to be eligible for housing assistance *


      * Newly added conditions for allocation



 Targeting the semi-professional & Professional group.


Allocation: Base on –

    • Loan Sustainability
    • Needs/Urgency/Priority



    • Not owner of a private property or a plot of land
    • Has not been assisted before
    • Units are sold outright
    • Cash Payments
    • Loan at Commercial Rate


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