Policy on Land Allocation & Housing



Land for agricultural/ small scale farming or commercial purposes are leased.

2 Land for landscaping which is considered not suitable for residential purposes are sold if not, it is leased.


Through benchmarking with International Governmental bodies for the last decade, the Seychelles Government has geared its Housing Policies from being the major supplier, hence subsidising to more of a facilitator given that families are being orientated to be more independent financial-wise.


The Government (MLUH) Housing Policies are not stagnant, but fluctuates simultaneously with the current housing/economic conditions. The MLUH directs the Housing Department as to the current Policies to be used. Housing Department shall be involved in reviewing housing policy in line with current philosophy. The current Policy gears to legitimately referring upper income group earners to private/commercial financial institutions.

Leaflet - Land Point System and Appeal Form

Click HERE to view the Leaflet on Land Point System (LPS)

Click HERE view the State Land Allocation Policy -Land Point System (LPS) Appeal Form


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