Minister Lionnet launches first Charette to shape and inform the Seychelles Strategic Plan

Minister Lionnet launches first Charette to shape and inform the Seychelles Strategic Plan


Minister Christian Lionnet, Minister for Land Use and Housing, had the privilege of launching the first charette to discuss the Seychelles Strategic plan this morning in room one of the International Conference Centre.

This is the first of a series of three interactive and ‘hands-on’ workshops, where participants will have the opportunity to shape and inform the Seychelles Strategic Plan.


The turnout was exceptional and included the designated Minister and Minister for Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Mr Vincent Meriton.  Also present was Minister Joel Morgan, Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, who held the portfolio responsibility for Land use and Housing at the time of the launch of the cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

The other Ministers included Minister MacSuzy Mondon, Minister for Education, Minister Peter Sinon, Minister for Natural Resources and Industry and Minister Pierre Laporte, Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment. 


The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council was led by Mr Amer Al Hammadi, its Executive Director for Planning & Infrastructure.

Minister Lionnet, in his intervention, explained that the main objectives of the charette were to reflect upon the works undertaken so far in laying the foundation for the Strategic Plan and a Master Plan for Greater Victoria. Participants would also discuss the key issues to be addressed in the plans and explore the vision for Seychelles in the years ahead.

Minister Lionnet also noted that since the kick-off workshop, there have been a lot of consultations with the different stakeholders both from the public and private sectors and expressed his wish to witness a similar level of engagement and participation in the charette.

The newly appointed locally based representative of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Mr Ahmed Al Kuwaiti,was the one mandated to talk on behalf of the UPC. 

Mr Al Kuwaiti who will be based locally for the next 12 months reiterated the engagement of the Abu Dhabi Government in ensuring that a high quality end product that meets the needs of Seychelles is delivered. 

He commended the Seychelles Authorities on its achievement much in terms of environmental conservation and social welfare and expressed his wish to see the strategic plan and master plan address the challenges that Seychelles faces.

The Head of the Consultant group ARUP, Mr Chris Tunnel explained to the participants what progress had been made so far and their current findings in terms of the current local situation.  Aided by his colleague he also explained how the charette will be organized.  His presentation provided food for thought and prompted some responses early responses in particular from the Government Ministers before the Tea break and was sure to stimulate the discussions at the next session.


Opening Speech by Minister C. Lionnet, Minister for Land Use and Housing

The speech by Mr. Ahmed Al Kuwaiti, representative of the Ad Dhabi Urban Planning Council